Bad fuel economy on lawn mower

Hello guys,

My Z254 zero turn mower has been showing decreasing fuel economy for the last few weeks, despite me changing the fuel and replacing it with fresh gasoline. What could be causing it and how can I improve my fuel economy?



Hello Mark,

Firstly, ensure that you only use high grade petroleum to fuel your mower, ensure that you check the engine manufacturer’s manual to understand the appropriate octane fuel for your machine. It could also be possible that your air fuel ratio is too high, I would suggest inspecting this as well.

Mower vibrates strongly while operating

Hey folks,

My Husqvarna walk-behind mower tends to vibrate a lot under normal use without any real reason. Could someone help me understand what the problem is?


Hi Bob,

Did your mower recently strike an object during operation, because if it did then it’s possible that the blades may have bent which could be causing the vibrations. I would suggest inspecting the condition of your blades for any damage.

Unable to move the lawn mower in a straight line

Hey everybody,

I’ve had my Husqvarna V548 standing mower since last November and haven’t had any serious issues with it but recently the machine began to steer more and more to the left. Is there anything I can do to fix this without visiting a service center?


Hello Rob,

The first thing I would suggest is that you check the air pressure in all your tires as it is likely that some of them may have uneven pressure which is reducing your ability to steer properly. Since your mower is now around 6 months old and the summer months are here they could have caused premature deflation of some tires.


Lawn mower keeps stalling and losing power while mowing

Hi guys,

My Husqvarna riding lawn mower is around 8 months old and it seems to keep losing power while I’m in the middle of a mowing session – at times it will just stall out and I’ll have to start it again. What could be the problem with it?

– Harry


Hi Harry,

What I think is that your air filter is clogged due to an accumulation of dust and debris. This is generally the most common cause for engines to stall and lose power, as it prevents them from getting the air they require. I recommend you clean out the air filter or replace it with a new one if necessary.

White smoke emanating from lawn mower

Hello folks,

I’ve been the owner of a Husqvarna Z246i mower for just under 4 months now, and I completed my first major service yesterday – I replenished all the fluids including the transmission fluid and the engine oil. However when I start the mower, white smoke comes from the unit. What’s the problem with my mower?


Hello Melvin,

Considering you’ve owned your mower now for just under 6 months and it is fairly new, there shouldn’t be any problems with it – the white smoke that you see is most likely to be from oil that may have dripped onto the unit while you were refilling oil in the unit. I just suggest that the next time you ensure that you wipe any spilt oil after the service.


Difficult to start the engine on my lawn mower

Hi guys,

My Husqvarna HU800AWDH is now just over a year old and the engine has been gradually getting harder and harder to start, although it eventually does start. Does anyone know what could be behind this?



Hi Logan,

If you’re able to start the engine eventually and are just having trouble getting it to start, then it could be a problem with the carburetor. I suggest you check the ratio and adjust it based on your weather conditions. If this isn’t the cause, then maybe you need to replace your starter motor unit to ensure it functions well.

Lawn mower not cutting grass evenly

Hello everybody,

I bought my HU700F lawn mower around 6 months ago and now the cutting doesn’t seem to be even – despite me sharpening the blades a week ago. What could be the problem?


Hello Fred,

It sounds to me like your tires may not have the same amount of air pressure – this was what happened to me a few months ago when I faced the same issue. Since you already sharpened the blades, I suggest you inspect your tire pressure and fill them if required.

Unable to start the engine on Z254 lawn mower

Hi folks,

I purchased my Husqvarna Z254 zero turn mower around one year back and it had been running without a hitch, until recently – I am unable to start the engine. Can someone help me figure out the cause for this?


Hi John,

There could be a number of reasons for your mower not starting up – firstly I would suggest you check the carburetor setting and ensure that the air fuel mixture is optimal for your machine. If this is fine, I would suggest checking the spark plug and replacing it if necessary – this can get worn out after a year of use.