How do I carry out an oil change on my Husqvarna mower?

Ensure that the mower is parked securely on a flat level surface before you attempt to carry out the oil change. Remember that your mower must not be cold when you attempt to drain out the oil – keep the engine running for about five minutes or so and the turn it off before carrying out the oil change. This increases the oil’s viscosity and allows it to drain better. Use an oil grade vessel to collect the oil, and slide it beneath the oil drain cap under the mower. It is recommended that you empty the fuel tank before carrying out an oil change. Disconnect the spark plug assembly before carrying out the oil change, ensuring it cannot come in contact with the wiring. Now loosen the drain cap until all the oil has drained out into the vessel. Wipe any oil that may have spilled onto the surface of the mower. Once all the oil has been drained out, fasten the oil drain cap back in place and begin pouring fresh lubricant into the oil chamber. Fill only the amount of oil recommended in the engine manual and wait for a minute for the oil to settle. Use the dipstick to measure the oil level and keep adding small amounts of oil if necessary to reach the required mark. Re-connect the spark plug wiring and start the engine – allow the engine to run for about a minute to enable the oil to settle better.