How do I change the drive belt on my Husqvarna lawn mower?

Remember that replacement of the belts is a slightly more challenging task and must only be attempted if you are fairly familiar with carrying out similar tasks on your mower or other power tools – if not, do not hesitate to take the unit to a service centre. Only the drive belt that has been recommended by your engine manufacturer for your engine model must be used for the mower. Before you begin, turn off the engine and disconnect the spark plug assembly. If possible, remove the cutting deck from the unit as well. Observe the configuration of the drive belt carefully because it will need to be re-installed in the same manner. Now carefully undo one side of the metal bar that joins the two sides of the pulley apparatus to loosen the tension in the attached drive belt. Once the belt has become loose enough and there is enough slack to remove it from the assembly, take out the belt and replace it with the new drive belt. Carefully insert the belt across both ends of the pulley, ensuring that the belt is fitted the right side up as per your observations of the belt you had removed. Now proceed to tighten the metal bar joining the sides to increase tension in the belt. Remember to only provide the amount of tension as recommended in the manufacturer’s manual. Do not provide an excess amount of tension as this will increase wear, also ensure that the belt is fitted properly on the centre of the pulley. Remember to tigten the belt every few weeks to counter any slack that may develop from time to time.