How do I replace the blades on my Husqvarna lawn mower?

Ensure that the mower has been parked in a flat level surface and that the engine has been turned off. It is highly recommended that you disconnect the spark plug assembly before attempting to change the blade. Now use a block of wood to wedge the blades in place and keep them from rotating while you are changing them. With the help of a suitable socket wrench, remove the primary blade bolt while observing the manner in which the blade is installed as it will need to be re-installed the same way. Once you have removed the blade from the unit, determine whether it needs to be sharpened or replaced. If it has become overtly dull or cracked, it needs to be replaced with a new blade. However, if you are merely sharpening the blade, ensure that you remember to balance the blade as well in order to maintain uniform thickness throughout the metal. After re-installing the blade back into the unit, fasten the blade bolt in place once more so the new blade is securely held in place.